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Server Portal Tips for Payroll } Finance Credit


Server Portal ? What is the Server Portal? The Portal is an innovative form of relationship between the Federal Government, State Governments and Municipal Governments. With these online pages, the civil service provides a set of tools, instructions, information and services, in order to expedite service to the Public Servant.

Through the Server Portal , active civil servants, retirees and pensioners have personalized access to their information related to paycheck, financial information, cadastral status, functional history, income statement, IRPF and personal legislation .

The Public Server uses the Portal also to carry out financial operations accessing the Organ Consignment System, through a password the employee can consult the paycheck online. The password for access to the Server Portal should not be provided to third parties for any reason.

Through the Portal, the server also has access to information about their payroll loans , and by speaking on payroll loans many of the civil servants can apply for this type of credit. The Public Servants, Public Employees, Retirees and Pensioners of the executive branch can have on their payroll amounts discounted as a consignment loan on the sheet . In some governments and city halls, contracted employees, temporary servers and commissioned servers may also request the assignment of loans .

 Financial Institutions

 Financial Institutions


Who can or can not “pay the loan on the sheet” is at the discretion of the agency and financial institutions, usually the loan is linked to the probable commitment period of the contract.

The Public Servant can also make the loan transfer formalized and in progress with more expensive interest to another financial institution that currently offers cheaper or preferred interest.

To migrate the payroll loan from one bank to another, simply look for the bank that the server wants to transfer the contract to and ask for loan portability or the purchase of contract debt. The new institution should complete the remainder of the process with the institution of the original loan. All steps of the “loan transfer” operation take an average of 15 to 20 business days.


Loan for Public Servants

Loan for Public Servants



In Brazil, all loan payments on the paycheck are facilitated, interest rates are low and the concession does not have bureaucracy, the creditor does not consult the SPC or Serasa. With the possibility of getting easy money, the Public Server needs to be cautious. The banks and financiers all the time harass the Public Servants, not to mention the accredited correspondents.

The “payable loan margin” for Public Servants can not exceed 30% of the net remuneration received monthly, this percentage represents the maximum amount that the server can take with discounts of financial operations (payroll loan).

The payroll loan is offered by the Internet, by telephone, by television, in the streets and everywhere we go, the Server must avoid middlemen or intermediaries in granting the credit. In preference to the payroll loan formally contracted at financial stores or bank branches.

Before you go out looking for institutions to lend money, go to the Server Portal to find out which banks are allowed to provide payroll loans for you, which one has the lowest rate and the best conditions.

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