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Money for Municipal Server } Consignment Loan


Can a public servant borrow a consignment loan? Of course you can! Not only can you get the payroll deductible loan, the best discount rate, and it has elongated terms of up to 96 times depending on the agreement.  Municipal public servants are agents who work for municipalities and municipalities, and just as every worker has his obligations and duties, they want to buy things, pay bills, have fun, make financial commitments and keep their lives within normal standards and without much pressure on the shoulders.


Finance manupulation

Finance manupulation

However, at one time or another an adverse situation can happen and finances get out of hand or factors outside the power of manipulation force the monthly financial budget down. When these needs appear, the solution most often is to take out a loan or apply for credit at the city’s banks or credit institutions.

In São Paulo, the municipal servers manage to get out of financial suffocation by taking the “PMSP payroll”, a release granted by the City Hall for active, inactive and pensioners of the IPREM.

“The City of São Paulo authorized numerous banks to carry out the concession of payroll with special conditions, so far there are 15 credit institutions that can offer these conditions”

BMG Bank, Daycoval Bank, BGN Bank, PAN Bank (Panamericano), Bic Bank, Paraná Bank are some of the consignees, in addition to granting a new payroll loan, the Server may request to purchase consigned debt, ie it is possible to sell debts of the loan in progress to banks with lower current interest rates and take the cash change. Click here to find out which banks buy debts.

The payroll loan to municipal server is a cash credit with no definition of use, the discount of the installments is made in the pay stub or counter-check every month while the loan plan lasts. In São Paulo the municipal server chooses up to 72 months to pay with maximum interest of 2.14%, of course there are low rates of maximum, ask your consultant.

Our Tip: The Municipal Server of São Paulo or any other city that searches for consigned should only watch the market to tease, my grandmother already said, “Where there is Vulture can not even pretend to be sleeping.” Look for an authorized, serious and responsible Correspondent.

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