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Discharge of financings with Consciocio? The consortium is one of the alternatives for the financing of goods, some love the modality, others detest, experts differ in opinions whether it is good or bad, what matters is the consortium in recent months has gained breath and reached thousands of new Shareholders.

As every financial product needs rules to be negotiated, the consortium is no different, sometimes some rules are changed by the regulator, and this time the news is good. The new rules for the Consortium come into force and have brought about very interesting changes for the Quotaholders.

With the new ” Consortium Law “, the Quotaholders are allowed to use it to make ” financing disbursement “. It is worth remembering that this possibility has already been the right of Consortium Members since 2009, but a good number of people do not even know about this possibility, as well as many other benefits that are not disclosed. Check out the changes:

1 -) Quotaholders can carry out the settlement of financing of assets;
2) Quotients can buy services and products;
3 -) Dropouts get the money faster.

Since February 2012, medical services, dental prostheses, plastic surgeries, computer packages and even access to postgraduate courses abroad can be purchased through the consortium.


How Discharge Works


How Discharge Works


In order for the Consortium to be used for financing , the financed asset must be the same as the consortium, that is, it must be a car, it must be a car, it must be immovable, it must be immovable in the financing, and it must be in name of the same buyer. The property must belong to the same buyer, both in the Consortium and in the financing. Another important detail that can not escape is the fact that the value of the Consortium Account can only be used if it is enough to fully discharge the financing.


Consortium dropouts

Consortium dropouts

As for the dropouts, the legislation was made to bring more security to the Consortium Members, just to get an idea, who desisted from the consortium before the new rules, had to sell the quota to another client or wait for the end of the group to receive the money . Not now, the new groups in formation after the promulgation of the law, quitting Quotaholders can continue to participate in the raffles and if they are contemplated, receive the installments in advance.

A major problem for the Brazilian is not to read the loan agreement, purchase instrument, loan term or any document related to credit, if you read, pass the views, know what your rights and duties can be very useful in a critical situation, such as the withdrawal of a business or the rights to contemplate a Consortium.

Read your consortium agreement to learn more about “funding disbursement.”

In the market there are dozens of Consortium administrators, we list some that we consider relevant in case you want to do a car financing through the Consortium or something like:
Consortium Unilance, Caixa Consórcios, Rodobens Consórcio,
Porto Seguro Consortium, Embracon Consortium.


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