Month: April 2019


  Have you had any credit released in the Consortium? Not yet? The Consortium is an alternative to personal credit and property financing, all of which we already know. Who does not want to pay the high interest of the conventional credit operations, ends up grouping in the consortium to be able to realize the Read More

Server Portal Tips for Payroll } Finance Credit

  Server Portal ? What is the Server Portal? The Portal is an innovative form of relationship between the Federal Government, State Governments and Municipal Governments. With these online pages, the civil service provides a set of tools, instructions, information and services, in order to expedite service to the Public Servant. Through the Server Portal Read More

Money for Municipal Server } Consignment Loan

  Can a public servant borrow a consignment loan? Of course you can! Not only can you get the payroll deductible loan, the best discount rate, and it has elongated terms of up to 96 times depending on the agreement.  Municipal public servants are agents who work for municipalities and municipalities, and just as every Read More